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Geo-Environmental Investigations (Phase 1 & 2)

Coopers undertake Phase 1 geo-environmental appraisals when reviewing sites for development.  This involves extensive desktop investigations utilising library, internet and in house data, sometimes supplemented by intrusive geotechnical ground investigation of the site in both a targeted and non targeted manner.  The aim of the Phase 1 appraisal is to determine the potential risk to the environment and to the proposed development resulting from the former land use.  We consider that a strong desktop investigation significantly aids the progress of the subsequent (Phase 2) investigation and we therefore undertake, where possible, extensive research  prior to instigating any intrusive investigation. 

The Phase 2 intrusive investigation determines the actual ground conditions present on site and provides an opportunity to verifiy the assessments made during the desktop study.  A more robust conceptual model may be constructed utilising the data obtained during this phase of the investigation.  Subsequent phasing of the investigation may be required to determine the anisotropic nature of the underlying drift/solid geology and fill strata depending upon the complexity of the site.

The majority of Coopers projects are undertaken on brownfield sites, and hence we have accumulated extensive experience of many industrial land uses.

Coopers undertake intrusive works on active commercial and industrial sites prior to site closure, or following demolition programmes as well as during the construction phase of the new development.  We pride ourselves on minimising disruption to site users when carrying out investigations and liaising extensively with relevant parties where required.

The methodology of the investigations is currently based on CLR 11 and utilises guidance from the NHBC as well as the Building Regulations.

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