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Assessing Wastes for Disposal Options

Coopers have experience of classifying waste materials from sites and identifying potential disposal routes for contaminated and uncontaminated soils.

Coopers adopt a step-by-step process utilising total solid testing and hazard assessment following the Environment Agency Technical Guidance Note WM2: Interpretation of the Definition and Classification of Hazardous Waste to identify whether materials are hazardous or non-hazardous. With the step-by-step process we can identify whether materials require pre-treatment before disposal to landfill and we can undertake Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) analysis to determine the landfill (inert, non-hazardous, stable non-reactive or hazardous) disposal route.

This assessment may also be used by clients in developing their Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP’s) on a project as well as in a Materials Management Plan (MMP) where materials from site may be used in remediation as set out in the CL:AIRE Code of Practice for the Definition of Waste.

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