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►CS04 Herries Street, Ashton-under-Lyne

Development: 40 Residential properties
Year: 2002-2005
Clients: Harron Homes
Development Value: £7 million (approximately)


Site History

Harron Homes commissioned Coopers to investigate the Heys Primary School situated off Herries Street in Ashton-under-Lyne for a proposed residential development. 

The earliest maps for this site indicated that it had been utilised as a small scale colliery, with schools being established between 1909 and 1922 as Mossley Road Girls Secondary and County Primary Schools.  The site later became the Hey’s Primary School.

Ground Investigation

The school was still operational at the time of our ground investigation and hence all works were undertaken during the weekend or after school hours.

The site was initially investigated utilising small diameter boreholes and rotary boreholes to determine the underlying ground conditions as well as proving that the site was not affected by shallow mine workings  Trial pits and trial trenches were undertaken during school holidays.

Coal Mine Shaft Investigation

The Coal Authority recorded two disused mine shafts within the site, one of which was capped in 1973.  Coopers exploratory holes identified that the second mine shaft position was likely to be erroneous and was conjectured to be a misplotting of the first shaft on different OS map editions.  Coopers confirmed this assessment via a phased investigation, comprising of geophysical investigation whilst the school was operational, followed by slit trenching during the demolition.  The Coal Authority accepted Coopers’ assessment and the identified shaft was subsequently drilled to confirm the adequacy of the backfill and then grouted to ensure the long-term stability.  The integrity of the cap was considered suitable and hence no further works were required associated with the mining.

Coopers completed foundation and structural assessments of the house types to be constructed on site.

Remediation and Validation

Contamination via polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metals/semi-metals was encountered on site and an inert cover solution was recommended.  The remediation was validated by Coopers upon completion of individual blocks or sets of plots to enable the developer to fund the development by progressive release of properties.  All works were approved by Tameside Council and the NHBC.    

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