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Civil Engineering

Coopers undertake highways and drainage design. We can provide a fully co-ordinated design to meet the client’s requirements providing services from preliminary design suitable for costing, through to full technical approval design for adoption purposes. We will liaise with the relevant Water Authority, Local Authority and Environment Agency and will provide advice and recommendations to the client as the design progresses.

Coopers can advise on SUDS for surface water management and help develop schemes which will comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes. Major changes are due to be announced later this year on the Water Act and the new Sustainable Approval Bodies which will be set up in Local Authorities to deal with SUDS adoptions. There is also the transfer of responsibility for existing private sewers and lateral drains to sewerage undertakers expected to take place on 1st October 2011. This will require an update to Sewers for Adoption to address the design and construction of smaller sewers and lateral drains which have traditionally been private. Coopers can advise on the proposed changes and help clients understand new legislation and the impact on the design and approval process.

When commissioned at an early stage of design we can help develop a co-ordinated design to provide a cut and fill balance, the setting of finished floor levels and an overall cost effective drainage scheme.

A summary of services Coopers can provide:

Drainage Design

  • Preliminary assessment and development of drainage strategy for new developments
  • Existing drainage surveys for condition and capacity checks
  • Detailed design of adoptable and private drainage
  • Design and detail of attenuation systems
  • SUDS advice, design and detail
  • Section 104 sewer adoption plans details and calculations
  • Soakaway design
  • Liaise with Water Authority, Environment Agency and Local Authorities
  • Flood risk assessments and flood consequences assessments to satisfy PPS25 and TAN15
  • Code for Sustainable Homes reports 

Highway Design

  • Minor highway improvements
  • Junction design
  • Roundabout design
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Car park design
  • Section 38 highway adoption plans and details
  • Liaise with the Highway Authority
  • Highways setting out information
  • Off-site Section 278 Works
  • Footpath / cyclepath design

External Works

  • Cut and fill assessments using the latest ground modelling software to ensure excavated material is balanced on-site wherever possible
  • Determination of finished floor levels and external levels
  • Earthworks modelling


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